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Ellen Wille | Prime Power | Real in Dark-Chocolate-Mix
Ellen Wille | Prime Power | Real in Dark-Chocolate-Mix
Base Design | Real by Ellen Wille
ESPRESSO-MIX - 4.6 | Darkest Brown base with a blend of Dark Brown and Warm Medium Brown throughout
DARK-CHOCOLATE-MIX - 6.33.4 | Warm Medium Brown, Dark Auburn, and Dark Brown blend
CHOCOLATE-MIX - 8.30.27 | Medium to Dark Brown base with Light Reddish Brown highlights
MOCCA-ROOTED - 830.27.12 | Medium Brown, Light Brown, and Light Auburn blend and Dark Roots
BERNSTEIN-ROOTED - 12.26.27 | Light Brown base with subtle Light Honey Blonde and Light Butterscotch Blonde highlights and Dark Roots
SAND-MIX - 14.26.20 | Light Brown, Medium Honey Blonde, and Light Golden Blonde blend
CHAMPAGNE ROOTED - 22.16.25 | Light Beige Blonde, Medium Honey Blonde, and Platinum Blonde blend with Dark Roots
SMOKE-MIX - 38.48 | Medium Brown blended with 35% Pure White
Real | Human/Synthetic Blend Topper

Real | Human/Synthetic Blend Topper

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Ellen Wille Wigs | 50 Years of Success

Real by Ellen Wille is the perfect feathery and fine top piece that adds volume and seamlessly intergrates with your own hair. The Real consists of 4.75" - 8.5" long hair on a 4.25-2.5" long by 6" wide monofilament base, plus three pressure sensitive clips for a secure fit. The Real is created with Ellen Wille's new and innovative Prime Hair. Prime hair is a proprietary composition of Human Hair enhanced with Premium Synthetic fiber which allows for longer lasting vibrancy of the colors. Prime hair is also stylable and due to the premium synthetic fiber (which withstands heat up to 350), any style given will hold much longer and even through washings! This is workmanship at its finest creating the perfect wearing experience. Real is part of the Ellen Wille Prime Power collection.

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Collection: Top Power
Product Type: Hairpiece
Hair Type: Blend: Human Hair & Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
Product Weight: 1.1 ounces
Base Dimension: 4.75" x 6.25"
Approximate Length: Front: 5.5" | Crown: 8" | Sides: 8"