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Hi! My name is Angel and I'm the founder of WigCupid. I wanted to film a really quick video for all of you who are coming onto the site for the very first time. Welcome. I'm sure you have some questions around what the website is about, who it's started by, if it's safe and trustworthy and how it's different from all of the other different wig retailers out there. Those are all very good questions to have and I'll promise to answer all of those questions. But today I really want to focus on just one thing and that is the story around how all of this started.

It actually starts with my childhood. When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my grandma. In fact, we spent so much time together, I used to hang out in the bathroom with her as she got ready in the her morning. She would play music on the radio; we would talk, gossip, you name it. One thing I'll never forget is that she confided in me about her hair. Naturally, she talked a lot about how it was greying but over time, it progressed into how much it was thinning and eventually how much it was falling out of her hair and into the drain. It really stuck with me because I saw how much it shook her confidence. Her hair meant everything to her. It was red, wavy, shiny -- absolutely beautiful. It made me question...would all the other women in my life come to a similar fate as they got older?

People don't talk about this nearly enough but over 50% of all women deal with natural hair loss and hair thinning in their lifetime.  That is a crazy big statistic. But you know what? My grandma taught me to be a problem solver, so I went after this problem as I got older. I went to Stanford University where I got an engineering degree. I learned about material science, I learned about wearable technology, and believe it or not, it's where I first learned about wigs. And it's where the idea for WigCupid was born.  

I love technology and I think technology can help solve this problem. But it can't do it alone. Nor can I do it alone. I need help from women like you who can help share your story with me and help give me feedback on how I can make WigCupid the best wig store in the world. I know how scary it is getting into wigs for the very first time and I know how hard it is to buy a wig online. But I truly believe we can make it a delightful, fun, easy experience. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story but now, truly, it's time for me to listen to yours. If you comment below on this video or send me an email at, I will respond to every single message because I truly enjoy having these conversations with you. I am really excited to enter this journey with you and I hope you have a beautiful day. God bless.